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These are frequently asked questions by our potential clients. You can search this page to find for your answers before contacting us.

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How can I book a model?

It’s easy. Start with the fun part: look at the pictures of our models and read about their preferences. Found what you like? Send us an email (or give us a call). We will check availability, and confirm this with you. That’s it.

For last minute bookings, especially later in the evening, please give us a call.

Can I send a text message to make a booking?

No. Or at least not if you’re a first-time customer. Once we’ve established a mutual relation of trust, text messages are possible.

How far in advance do I need to make a booking?

If you want to see a specific model it’s best to make a reservation a couple of days in advance. Otherwise, if you can, please contact us a few hours before you would like to see someone.

Last minute, availability is more limited, although we normally still have a choice of models available. It always takes a minimum of at least 1 hour for a model to be with you.

Do you provide in call service?

No, our models are escort girls that offer outcall services. You can meet them at your hotel (4 star minimum) or at your private residence. For first time customers at a private address we normally ask for extra information and / or guarantees.

Can I contact the model directly?

No. The privacy of our models is as important to us as yours. That’s why we never-ever give you their personal contact information. This works both ways: our models have no access to your number either.

You can always contact us – we will gladly respond to your questions or pass your message on to your model of choice.

Can I ask a model to meet with me, outside of the agency?

There is a reason you have booked with an escort agency, opposed to booking an independent escort. The same goes for our escorts who have made the same choice. It is quite rude and disrespectful to both the model and the agency to try and meet outside of the agency.

The models really don’t want to; it is the best way to immediately spoil your date.

What services does the model provide?

Your model is a high class escort. This means she will offer you great company, conversation, entertainment, sensual & erotic services and a general great time. Erotically it’s full regular service, including kissing, but everything safe, with condom. Some models provide extra services, please see the profile on the model gallery.

As we value both your health and the health of our models, unsafe sex (unprotected vaginal or anal sex, unprotected oral massage or CIM) is never possible. Insisting on unsafe sex will result in the leaving of the model.

Can we also book as a couple?

For a truly great couple experience we recommend a model who is bisexual and really enjoys being with a couple. Not all girls qualify, on the profile in the model gallery you can find the models who are available to couples.

Are the models in your gallery real or do they use fake pictures?

All pictures are genuine and recent. Our models really are that beautiful (and they are photographed by professionals with perfect lighting and make up, of course). We definitely want to avoid giving false expectation, and have never seen much sense in sending a different looking girl, only to have her sent away, and loosing you forever as a customer.

We believe in a long term relationship.

What can I do if the model does not meet my expectations?

Of course we hope this never happens, and thankfully it almost never does. But despite of having seen the pictures, and falling for the description, it can happen that there really isn’t any chemistry or “click”.  If this is obvious within the first minutes you can cancel the booking, we do ask you to compensate the model for her traveling time and effort.

Can I specify a dress code for the lady to come?

Yes, but you don’t have to. Your escort girl will come to the date dressed as you please: classy, discreet, casual, … Don’t hesitate to provide us with specific requests: we will try to meet them.

If no dress code is asked, she will always be classy, elegant and refined.

What are the escort outcall rates?

The rate depends on the duration of your date and the travel distance. You can find the rates in Amsterdam for each girl in the model gallery. Outside of Amsterdam there usually are extra travel costs, plus usually the minimum number of hours is higher.

The rates are non-negotiable, discounts for longer engagements are already applied.

We accept payments in cash (Euro, US dollars and British Pounds), with credit cards (VISA, MasterCard & American Express), and via bank transfer. A 10% credit card fee is in place.

If you want to pay with credit card, please let us know beforehand so the model can bring the credit card machine.

We can also charge your credit card from our office if you prefer. We can send you the requirements for this option upon request.

If you are a first-time customer who wants to meet a model in a private residence, a down payment usually required.

For bookings outside of Amsterdam and outside of the Netherlands we require a down payment of the travel costs plus 50% of the fee.

What is the cancellation policy?

We understand that your schedule, and life in general, can get in the way of your date. Please let us know well in advance so nobody has to travel for nothing.

Depending on the specific circumstances, all non-refundable costs will be charged, plus a part of the fee of the girl.

Is it legal to book an escort in the Netherlands?

Yes, it’s perfectly legal to book an escort (or be an escort) in the Netherlands – on the condition that both parties are adults and acting of their own volition.  Yantra Escort is one of a select number of escort agencies in the Netherlands with an official escort license which guarantees this.

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